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VAPOR Hookah Lounge and Tobacco Shop is a molding of two similar business ideas under one roof. Both seemingly go hand in hand and bring two like cultures and people together. Our full service Smoke Shop boasts a plentiful assortment of tobacco products and accessories all while maintaining quality and competitive prices. On the other side of this beautiful coin is the Hookah Lounge. A relaxing venue where all different ages and walks of life can come and enjoy a variety of hookah flavors and refreshments, and most importantly a care free, chill environment to spend time with one another. Already making a name for ourselves around town we take pride in our customer service as well as the mood we set here at Vapor. Our state-of-the-art sound system keeps everyone on their toes in between nights our in house DJ Citizen Selecta shreds his turntables. Our motto is “Be Good Family” meaning if we are good to you be good to us, almost like a close family would. When you come to VAPOR Hookah Lounge and Smoke Shop we want you to feel right at home, after all home is where you want to be.

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